14 February 2014

Are you tempted?

A very apt way to begin my post about temptation. I am of course refering to 'trigger foods.' For the benefit of my followers that don't have Crohn's, Ulcerative Colitis or IBD, there are foods which we should avoid as it is believed to make our symptoms worse. For example, if your not meant to eat a whole bag of nuts and you eat a sack full of them...your going to feel really horrible the next day.

I'm not even going to begin listing the 'naughty' foods because we will be here all day. It seems somebody will have an opinion on any/ all kinds of food to avoid. I avoid many of these suggested foods and sometimes feel like it would be easier to just live on a diet of water. *Disclaimer* You should not live on water alone as that is silly and in turn you will die, and I will have one less reader, so let's maybe just not do that!

My temptation food is ... white bread. Huge white fluffy squishy doughy white bread. Oh how I miss you terribly! I would post a photo of a huge sandwich but I would not like to temp any fellow IBD'ers so simply close your eyes and imagine it mm mm!

I have been pretty well restrained when it comes to the all mighty white loaf. Though the cracks will show when MOTHER <-- ragh!, when mother brings home a gorgeous squishy plump loaf for her to eat. She unknowingly whisks it past my nose and leaves it out on the counter top. I gaze at it in amazement, I could well be dribbling by this point. I would give anything to devour the whole lot... but I cant. Well technically I can but it would be a really bad idea and I would feel horrible the next few days.

So for now I shall just gaze in wonder at this plump squishy white loaf until my mother decides to devour it ... without me! *tear*

Goodbye white bread loaf, you have played such a vital role in my upbringing. We have shared some great times together and you have made me so happy over the years. But it is time we broke up! There is another in my life now, they are called 'gluten free', yes they don't bring me the same joy but I simply cant do it anymore. You are no longer good for me. Yes there are times when you are in my dreams but I know this is not my reality. I'm sorry, but It's for the best!

White squishy bread loaf 1988 - 2009

Let me know what 'trigger foods' you have parted ways with that you wish you could still devour. Let me know in the comments box who you are missing in your life. Hopefully this wont turn into a food frenzy HA!.


  1. Dairy...goes in like liquid and it leaves the same way. Gas bloating and a few days of looking 5 months pregnant...sooo not fun....

  2. Had to smile at this but you left out " it's not you it's me" lol love these blogs

    1. I'm glad you are enjoying the blog, I hope you will come back to visit again soon x