17 February 2014

Are you feeling alone?

I am SO fed up of hearing people say they are feeling alone. I hear people say they feel like they have no one to talk to. They feel like they are the only ones going through illness. It shouldn't be like this! In a world so advanced where technology and information is everywhere, why are people still being made to feel so alone?!
I want you to know....


I am angered that people are made to feel so isolated. There are so many of us facing battles with illness that we need not have to feel isolated on top of our every day troubles. More should be done to eliminate the feeling of loneliness. You often hear the elderly say that they feel secluded, well I have come to learn that people facing illnesses can feel an awful burden of loneliness at times too. Whether this is because you are unable to leave the house or that you choose to stay at home as this is your 'safe place' you should not feel alone.

How simple is it to send someone a little 'hello?' or give them five minutes of your time? Why are illnesses kept to yourself when there are others suffering the exact same fate as you, feeling just as sad and alone. Whether you have Anxiety, mental health issues or an illness you don't feel comfortable talking about, you are not alone. There are others out there facing the exact same troubles, trials and tribulations as you.

The more I talk about my chronic, life long condition 'Ulcerative Colitis' the more I have come to find how sad and unhappy everyone is. The more I talk about the silly things I do because of my illness the more people I hear from saying 'yeah me too, I thought I was the only one who did that'. Truth is your not! You can bring comfort to others by simply talking about your condition, educating others and helping others to have an understanding of what you face each and every day. Illness is hard, there is no rest-bite. It at times can make you sad, angry, upset, disappointed, frustrated, beaten. Why on top of all of those things should you be made to feel alone?

We all need someone to talk to. Many find comfort with family and loved ones though I know first hand how much of a difference speaking with someone who has a the same illness as you can make. If you keep your illness to yourself then that makes two people who don't speak up and there for making two people lonely, instead of coming together to talk about things. Although talking does not answer or 'fix' things, it does lighten the burden. Conversation can bring a smile to your day.

Therefore here is my smile to you - you are not alone, I am here.

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