21 January 2014

Fergie the cat

Some of you have asked to see a little more about my best friend Fergie (the cat) so I thought I would create a little post all about her. In all honesty it is refreshing to create a post that is about someone else rather than myself for a change ha!

Here she is... my best friend! Fergie doesn't care less that I run back and forth from the bathroom all day because of my Ulcerative Colitis. She is always around for cuddles when I'm in pain. She shows no interest in my emotional breakdown or when my blood boils cause I am having a bad day and can't get myself together. She doesn't care that I spend way more time at home than I should.
She is simply there for me. She makes me laugh, smile and is a reminder that life is precious. 

You can have all the luxury's in the world but you will never truly know life until you find a best friend!

A couple of the basics:

Fergie is a little over 6 years old.
The name came about as names were placed in a hat and my first choice was drawn. I guess shes lucky as my alternative was Tequila Haha.
A 'Tortoiseshell' which means she is white, black and brown. Don't ask me why it is called tortoiseshell, I don't think she looks much like a tortoise but hey!
She has lived in our house since she was a couple of weeks old and arrived in a cardboard box.
She is both an indoor and outdoor cat.
Lastly I should mention she is on a diet!

As I type she is snuggled up on her purple spotted bed with one eye open watching my fingers type thinking 'what is she up to'.

She sleeps curled up in her bed at the bottom left corner of my bed (I knew there was a reason I bought a double bed, I think it was to have more space... not to share it with a cat but there you go)

She wakes me up super early like 6 am sometimes we have a lay in until
8 am for breakfast and some fresh air. Anyone who does not own a cat will think we are crazy but ignoring a hungry cat is impossible. Fergie will pull on the bed sheets or stand on my head and if all that fails she walks on my dresser and knocks everything over.After a bit of play its usually back to bed for hours of sleep then she reawakens around 5 pm for a cheeky prowl around the neighborhood. Well really she only goes for a nose around the local gardens before returning to the comfort/ safety of her own home.
Time for another playtime, clears a bowl of food then runs up to bed before me around 10 pm. Where she will stay, snuggled up and snoring until 6 am the next morning!

Favourite place in the house - The upstairs window sill watching the world go by.
Favourite past time - Snoring! Yes my cat snores.
Favourite toys - Cardboard boxes, cotton buds/Q-tips, my legs if shes feeling cheeky?
Peculiar habits - Likes to be dried with paper towels when she comes in from the rain. I think it saves her hours of grooming ha.
Dislikes - Not too fussy on being brushed and avoids all visitors at all cost.

Attributions - Grumpy, cheeky, playful, loving.
She has her own ground rules, she chooses when she wants affection. Not a lap cat, shes too independent for that. A little grumpy.

If anyone owns a cat you will know there are instances when they break stuff or behave mischievously and get on your nerves but you only have to glance at them sleeping and you melt. Did I think you could get so attached to a cat? No. Am I that attached to my cat? YES!
All sins forgotten :D

Please leave your thoughts/ feelings in the comment box bellow. I love hearing your feedback!


  1. Oh victoria thank u fergie is beutiful I love her she's jst like my two in her ways I dont think she fat shes so perfect id love a cuddle shes jst how a kitty should b I know what u mean people think im scatty to talk to a cat but ull know as I do they know what u say how ur feeling I adore my two and I adore fergie she's a very pretty cat I sleep like u do in double bed but its not big enough lol their loling their I think u should have mire about fergies antics I think shes a sweet angle bless her as with my two as I read what u wrote u feel same as me fergie completes ur life as it does for me with khan and impy were would we b without them bless fergie she's an amazing cat all my love to u both shirleyxx

  2. Fergie is sooo cute! The genetics of torties (or calico's) is very interesting. It's very rare to have a male tortie because the genes for the colour red, and black are carried on the X chromosome. :)

    She's adorable!