22 January 2014

Wonder Woman I am not..

As some of you may or may not have noticed I have recently celebrated my 26th birthday. Wahey!! So full up on birthday cheer I thought I would be clever and stuff myself with a pizza from well known pizza franchise. Nom nom.

Having Ulcerative Colitis and knowing I should avoid doughy pizza I ordered one anyway!!
I knew it would not end well, but I ate it regardless because I was determined to have a good time. I had convinced myself that as it was my birthday I was some kind of super hero.

Wonder Woman I am not...

Today I am in pain and I feel horrible. I don't fully regret it because it was totally yummy, but is it fair to have this pain simply because I pigged out on pizza?! I was aware it was one of my 'trigger' foods (one that makes my Ulcerative Colitis worse) but gluten free pizza is just not the same. Therefor it was a treat.

I, like I'm sure others of you... have become pretty good at hiding when I'm not feeling great. I don't bother grumbling to family members any more because I feel like they have heard enough. This evening I could no longer stifle a happy smile as the only way I could make myself feel better was to double up in half and shuffle around the house like a plonker.
It's back to bed for me to rest and chill out! Good thing I never went on an all night drinking session then isn't it?

Sometimes I feel like I simply want to curl up and hide! Like this guy ....

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  1. I often just book a day off of life and then go out the night before and eat something I shouldn't and then under my duvet I go! Do Not Disturb!! Its got to be done....its like a hangover after drinking! You know its gonna hurt the next day but still do it! x x