15 January 2014

Thoughts of a new blogger...

I have now been blogging for a couple of weeks, which I feel is the perfect time to express how I have taken to blogging. Here are my thoughts as a new blogger..

Why I started my blog - In all honesty I had never considered starting a blog, for the simple reason I didn't think I had a topic to cover. There are sooo many fashion and beauty blogs out there that I felt the world wouldn't need yet another one.

My inspiration came from a wonderful guy named Michael Wyatt (huge props to him woohoo!). Michael started his own blog to document his recovery after surgery for Ulcerative Colitis - http://ibdsurvivor.blogspot.co.uk. He posted on a forum for those suffering with Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis about his new blog and I thought he was really brave. Up until then I had kept most of my thoughts and feelings about my own journey with Ulcerative Colitis to myself. Seeing Michael speaking/ sharing his journey so openly and in such an honest way inspired me to start blogging about my own very different journey with the illness.

So here we are 'Colitis and ME'.
What I thought it would be like - To be honest I hadn't given it too much thought, I sort of just 'went for it'! I am making it up as I go. Hmm maybe I should really have given this a bit more thought haha.

How have I found it? - As a whole, I am really enjoying myself! I find the writing pretty easy, I tend to just woffle on anyway and can talk for hours. What I am finding more tricky is trying to figure out what all the features of Blogger and Google+ do. Though I feel I am getting better with time.
The feedback and support I have had has been wonderful. I have found such a huge support network with the Corhn's, Colitis and IBD members. Though I am conscious about the wider audience that I hope I can attract to my blog, for the main reason I wanted to blog was to raise awareness of the illnesses.
Yes I have Ulcerative Colitis but I am also ME. There is a lot more too me, I am not defined by my illness. Hopefully there is a bit for everyone.
On the down side, I wish more of you cheeky monkeys would join in. I can see my visitor counter rising though many don't leave any comments.

How do I feel I am doing? - Average? I'm still trying to see what topics are most engaging with everyone. I don't think I have yet insulted anyone which is always a plus and I would like to say I feel I have made new online friends which is a huge bonus.

What does the future hold? - I don't know, hopefully more blogging! That's if my readers want to read more of my woffle. Who knows what the future will bring but I know that when I started my blog I was incredibly miserable and was finding it tough to deal with my Ulcerative Colitis. I had hit a brick wall and was finding it tough, but engaging with people through my blog is not only a distraction it is also a comfort to know I have your support. However, what I do know... is that it's time for a nice hot bath.


  1. reading this has made my day. ly victoria keep up the wonderful blogging you're doing

  2. Haven't checked out Michael's blog yet (sorry about that Michael) but I do agree with him that you are doing a fantastic job on your blog. As for all the features - and other bits and bobs - of Blogger, just do what I do and press lots of buttons and see what happens :-)

  3. You're doing great :) I agree that learning the software can be a bit of a learning curve, but as Stephen mentioned, just try stuff and see what happens.