7 December 2014

Fatigue in IBD> Here we go again...

Nope I don't mean in the sense of 'here she goes again with another one of her ranting blog posts' although I'm sure that is rather apt to the topic I am referring to. The 'oh here we go again' argument. Yep...you know the one!

It's the ever exhausting explanation to the rest of the world as to why you're such a lazy bag of bones. YES, my car battery has run flat again because it's been THAT long since I mustered the strength to go out in it last. NO, I haven't dragged my carcass off the sofa to relocate that pile of ironing...the one that is just as happy sitting out in the open getting a bit of fresh air as it would be stuffed away in the wardrobe. YES, I am once again being a really lousy friend because I would rather spend the day in my pajamas YET AGAIN as I simply don't have the energy to paint on a happy face in order to entertain you my lordship. 'oh you're still sick' YES!!! YES I AM.

I'm sure I am not the only one who is under pressure from those who live in the same household, whether that be your partners, parents or room mates. If you're independent and live in the luxury of your own space I suppose you get the nagging from people complaining that you never visit them.
Anyone else fed up of having to justify your actions due to chronic fatigue, your want for a bit of peace and quiet or the pure 'leave me alone-ness'?? Anyone? Hmm?? Anyone else?

'Until now, patients with severe IBD Fatigue have struggled to overcome this debilitating, invisible symptom. We know that three quarters of people experience fatigue during a disease flare-up, but we also know that 40-48% of patients in remission continue to suffer badly with fatigue'. - Professor Christine Norton, of King’s College London Click here to read more.

Crohn's and Colitis UK have a microwebsite all about 'Fatigue in IBD' which you should all totally take a look at by clicking here. They have also devised a 'fatigue rating scale for IBD' so go check that out also if you can muster the strength.

It seems that no amount of 'I'm exhausted' 'I don't feel great today' or any amount of explaining dampens down peoples attempts to drive me around the bend. Maybe people think I enjoy explain myself time and time again? 'Nope, sorry I'm unable to attend' 'Nope, I missed that outing also' 'Yes I am spending the day in my pajamas once again'. 

I've made no secret of my love of pajama days...I even wrote it down for you all in a previous blog post. To read 'pajama day turned into pajama week' then click here. I also wrote about when 'my get up and go, got up and went' which you can read by clicking here.

Whether it be down to the fact that IBD is getting the better of me, I'm not 'applying myself' or I've turned into a complete and utter grump I am tired, run down, fatigued, kapooped, warn out, drained, sleepy, beat, flagging, empty, burnt out, dog-tired, done in, drowsy, spent, whacked, shattered, exhausted...I am exhausted!! 

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  1. Yes I know what you mean. I missed several days of school because of this and no one got it at all I hate it so much and I'm not even in a flare up