31 December 2013

My Memory Jar....

It has been a whole 365 days since someone mentioned the idea of a memory jar to me. How time flies!

The object of the Memory Jar is for you to note down all of the special outings, happenings or celebrations that happen over the year. Starting on January 1st right up until December 31st. So you jot everything down on all sorts of note paper, coloured card and stick them into the jar. All kinds of treasures can also be included as there are no rules, cinema tickets, leaflets or flyers...but maybe avoid putting anything in there that may stink!  Once your jar is stuffed to the brim and believe me your jar will soon fill up you are not permitted to open or look at what is inside until December 31st.

When I first heard about it I thought I would give it a go as what harm could it do. A year on and I am so so glad I have done a Memory Jar. With today being December 31st I can not WAIT to open the jar to remember all of those special moments I may have put to the back of my mind. I can already tell you that I have forgotten half of the things I jotted down. From returning back to college and getting my exam results to special days out with family to starting a new blog, I find it crazy how much can change in a year.

I plan to select the best memories and place them in a scrap book so I can look back with fondness over the coming years.

Why don't you give a Memory Jar a try this year and of course do let me know if you plan on starting one yourself!!
You will be surprised how much can change!


  1. Good idea. I thing I will give this a go too. Thanks and best wishes

  2. That is a good idea I have only bits of paper which I keep on a pile in front of me so a jar would I think b better Victoria I have so many memories and so much to b thankful for all my love to u and fergie shirley