4 January 2014


I'm going to start my post with a simple question ....

When I think about it I find it a little tricky to think of the correct answer. I would of course, now knowing I have Ulcerative Colitis explore life a little more but I'm sure all of us with Crohn's Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, IBD are all thinking we could have done more 'stuff' which we are these days a little more reserved about throwing ourselves into.

On a deeper level, I'm not too sure what I would tell myself.
To not worry so much? as I seem to be doing plenty of that now.
Have more fun? Hmm I think I did ok.

I think I would tell myself that I am turning out to be a pretty awesome person. That I will be happy with the person I will one day be. I am proud of myself for all I've been through and all that I have achieved.
My journey is only slightly complete and I have a long way left to go in this adventure called life. I shall set more goals for myself and enjoy getting there. Though shalt not grumble or moan...Ha ok maybe I will a little.

So! I am super keen to ask you all ...
'What would you tell your younger self?'

Get involved and leave an array of comments bellow which I always love to read.


  1. I would definitely tell myself to be more conservative with my money. To have a healthy saving for a rainy day.

  2. I would say to my younger self "Exercise self control as what you call your natural drive can lead you to destruction and ruin but you still have time so don’t waste it. You have a hell of a journey ahead of you so look out for that girl standing on the railings being kissed by someone else. Some day she is going to be your wife”. Holy baloney!