6 January 2014

Spring cleaning...in January?

My excuse for being so elusive these last few days? I have been spring cleaning...in January!
Yes you did hear me correctly. For the benefit of those who are unfamiliar with the tradition of 'spring cleaning'... it is the spontaneous act of gathering all of the tat and rubbish which accumulates around the home all year round. Then when spring arrives you simply 'fling' it all out!
I am hoping that I wont be thrown out along with the bundle of tat Ha.

When did I acquire so much 'stuff'?!

Having a good clean out is both cleansing and good for the soul. I am also finding it a useful distraction from the good ol' Ulcerative Colitis. It is precious to have time when you simply switch off and think of other things besides all the grumbles that come along side illness. We find ourselves too much of the time wrapped up in all of the 'blah' that life can get away from us.

I really don't know where all of this clutter has come from, though I do know where it is going! :) I am in no way a saint nor do I go out of my way to do charity work (I know I should, but the reality is that most of us simply don't).
I have been a devoted animal lover since I can remember, I had aspirations of being a vet... until I became a vegetarian and the idea of surgery put me off! So I had to think of a new career path...still thinking 18 years on ha! I am donating most of my childhood teddy bears which I have clung onto for years and old clothes to a local animal rescue charity shop (RSPCA). I am aware that they need to raise funds to care for the sick and abandoned animals so I am hoping to give them a bit of a boost!

After having a good old fling how am I feeling? exhilarated, proud, happy and best of all ... clutter free. Along with the bags of items I plan on leaving will be a symbolic bag of emotional 'blah' behind. I feel like I have lifted a huge weight that has been weighing me down. I have wallowed in my own pity and misery for long enough now. New start, new outlook, new confidence, new blog, new friends, new support system.... NEW ME!


  1. Animals are always in need. You're awesome.

  2. Well done. I went through the same thing a few years back. Had a MASSIVE clear-out and donated all the things I didn't need (and in quite a few cases didn't remember where I got the stuff from) to the PDSA. But I repeat, well done you :-) x