7 April 2014

What's it all about??

I've been thinking ... maybe life has our journeys already mapped out for us. I'm sure there will be a split of opinion, some who will agree with my new philosophy and others who will think we are masters of our own destiny that choose which hand life plays us. Well...until 4 month ago I probably wouldn't be sure which side of the fence I sat on. However of late...I'm feeling like life has been falling into place or more to the point I feel as if *I* have been falling into place and beginning to find my new way in the world.

I often boggle my friends with the notion "What is the point of life? what's it all about??". I mean what do you REALLY get out of life? At times its super enjoyable and other times its super duper tough. A roller-coaster whichever way you look at it. Maybe some say it is to find a loved one, settle down and start a family. For me the answer to the "what is the point of life" is much bigger than 'a big family, sweet house and a white picket fence'.
I have always been of the mindset "leave your mark on the world" for if not, what is the point of you being on this planet? Again a big family, sweet house and a white picket fence is not enough for me!
I want MORE out of life!!

For years I bumbled through life not knowing which direction life would take me in. I have always envied those who just KNEW what they want to do - for example with regards to which career they would choose etc. I've never been one of these people who 'just knew'. I have always been of the mindset that I would one day simply fall into the roll that holds my interest, sparks my creativity and makes me happy. I hoped that one day I would JUST KNOW.

Quote by - I have no idea ;)

Who on this planet would have guessed out of all of the failed career paths, pointless qualifications and wrong turns in life that blogging for the IBD community would be the one thing I felt I was just meant to do. It's not a hassle, nor a chore it's simply something I enjoy doing. Okay I totally understand that I can not make a living off writing a blog but the happiness it brings to my soul is worth any paycheck in any dead end job.
"Find a job you love and you will never 'work' again" (meaning if you love something it will never seem like a job because it's more like fun) :D Oh someone just hand me a blank cheque so that I can continue blogging for an eternity!!

4 months prior to composing this blog post I was sat in front of my computer screen browsing an IBD forum on the Crohns and Colitis UK charity's website when I stumbled upon a blog by a lad called Michael. He was writing a blog about his journey with Ulcerative Colitis and for the next few days I followed his posts as he updated the world with how he was getting on. For the first few days all I did was read his posts, nod my head in agreement as I could relate to everything he said then without leaving any comment I would simply turn my computer off and think no more of it.

Then one day I thought "I can't sit back while people suffer and expect a change with the way people see IBD unless I do something about it. I can't let everyone else raise awareness, raise funds for research and for the IBD advocates to do all of the hard work to just reap the reward" (which will hopefully one day be a cure). That's simply not fair and wouldn't sit comfortably with my conscience. Which is where things got fun.....

I began my blog 'Colitis and ME' with no idea in the world what was ahead of me. Though the more I think about it maybe someone of a higher power DID know what would lay ahead of me. Maybe someone had already planned it out for me. (I am not religious so with the greatest of respects and for me to not upset anyone please refrain from any religious comments - just my view and I'm not getting into this discussion) Anyhow ... maybe my place in life is somewhat planned out for me, as yours could be too.

So, what would lay ahead of me? Well...rather more than I was expecting to be frank. When I started my blog my soul intention was just to document my journey with Ulcerative Colitis. Now it feels like my roll has somewhat evolved - into some kind of support system. My blog draws others in and is a form of reassurance to show people that they are not alone, that others too face the same struggles in life.

This past week I have been on my own mission, what started out as a crazy idea is now a passionate drive within me for change. If you follow my blog you will know I have been partly responsible for the #GetYourBellyOut awareness campaign for Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis. If you missed it then just CLICK HERE to be transported to the write up and all you need to know about the campaign.

The website which I once leaned upon, turned to for support and seeked reassurance from. The one where I discovered my inspiration to begin blogging. The one I drew strength from knowing that people were working hard to change lives for the IBD community. The one my campaign now feature on. YES, I know - MY CAMPAIGN NOW FEATURES ON!! Mind boggling aha.

Instead of reading about those who are out there in the world actively making a difference I have unknowingly/ unintentionally some how been catapulted into this crazy new world and ended up becoming one of these people. The more I do for the IBD community, the more I interact with those who are suffering every day at the hands of such a debilitating illness the more a desire for change deep within me burns (then again it could just be my Ulcerative Colitis playing up aha!).

A change is already happening. Through the above campaign and through all of the other brave, wonderful, inspirational  advocates for IBD - a change for the better is on the horizon. Gone, one day soon will be the secrecy and feelings of shame those with IBD once felt. In its place growing stronger every day is a brave, determined, united front.

We want change and we won't stop until we get it!! We won't stop until we make both Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis household names. We will not stop until we find a cure!!!

Therefore I leave you with the happiness knowing that A CHANGE IS ON ITS WAY, no matter how big or small - a change and a glimmer of hope. I too leave you with my above thoughts, maybe life does have a plan of action all mapped out for us after all. Maybe leaving your mark on the world is what it's all about .....

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