3 February 2014

Pajama day turned into pajama week...

When pajama day turned into pajama week. Ok so I told a bit of a lie, pajama day actually turned into a bit of a pajama month. Whoopsie!

Many will be able to relate to those days when you just fancy staying in your pajamas because getting dressed seems like too much of a hassle. Well living with a chronic illness often comes hand in hand with chronic fatigue. Think about those naps you take on the sofa after a hard days work...well we tend to nap before even getting to work. There are days when you have a bit of a wash muster the strength to put your socks on ... and wish to crawl back into bed! There is nothing more irritating that having a super long list of jobs you want to get done but you have the strength of a slug and move at a snails pace.

Which is how pajama day turned into pajama month. It started off with a bit of 'oh ill just take it easy today, spend a bit of time on the sofa'. That soon turned into 'I'm soooo sleeeeepy, I'll have a little nap at dinner time'. Before you know it there are days when you sleep all through the night (pretty uncommon with Crohn's Disease, Ulcerative Colitis & IBD but I have somehow mastered that one yay me!) and I open my eyes and feel like a bus has ran me over. How is it possible to still be so sleepy after 9 hours of sleep.

I'm not talking about your tired brain that fails to function at super sonic speed in the mornings until you reach for that much needed super strength cup of tea/coffee. I'm talking about the horrible hangover feeling you get after a wild night out drinking (Again something those with this illness do in moderation if even at all). To give you an idea of chronic fatigue, its like the hangover that never goes away.

It is far too easy to sit around in your pajamas all day ... every day?! Whoops ha. Don't get me wrong I am a person with a very active brain so sitting around doing a whole load of nothing is unimaginable. I forever have a good book on the go or am left to sort all of the house bills. My brain is forever planning, organizing and getting jobs done... even if I am sat flat on my behind :D I'm not lazy, I AM TIRED!! Like WAY tired.

Today however I have mustered the strength to get out of my pj's and am heading to the local shop. Don't get overly excited for me I am only going to pick myself up a magazine or two. Not much of a big deal but to those suffering with chronic fatigue it is one big victory to me!

There for, a little post to say that yes you will feel tired and worn out, in the case of IBD'ers it is perfectly normal to have pajama brain! Just be careful that your one sneaky pajama day does not turn into a pajama week or month! Let me know if your guilty of a pajama marathon, confess your sins in the comment box. :)

*Disclaimer* those are not my sexy legs nor are those my awesome slippers. *note to self - buy better slippers!


  1. Oh how I can relate!!! Hit the nail on the head!

  2. Having a pj half day, today. But, I must get dressed, now. Have to drag myself to gentle yoga class. I always feel better afterwards.

  3. This is the one aspect of living with Crohn's Disease that (after 16 years) still REALLY screws me up - especially as it can come on suddenly, profoundly and without warning. Damn you Crohn's fatigue! Damn you to Hades!!! :-)

  4. Yes! That's it exactly. The fatigue is so dehabilitating it's hard for people who haven't been through it to understand. I don't feel rested after a good night's sleep, and end up asleep on the sofa half way through the day - and there's never a 'second wind', cos you didn't have a first wind! Yet duty calls, and somehow we struggle on....

  5. I am glad to know I am not the only lazy bones amongst us all :D Xx