8 January 2014

Feeling lucky.

I am aware that from time to time I tend to grumble. I grumble because I feel frustrated and angry that my Ulcerative Colitis is somewhat holding me back from life. I shouldn't grumble though as I feel I am somewhat one of the lucky ones...

Since finding the online Crohn's Disease, Ulcerative Colitis and IBD community I've had the privilege of reading other peoples stories of living with these conditions. I am by far amazed by what some have gone through and have still to face. The resilience and bravery you all show day in day out is like nothing I have seen.

I can see I am one of the 'lucky ones'. I say this as I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in August 2009 ...and I still have all of my insides. I have had my eyes opened as to how many of you lovely people have had these illnesses for less time than I and yet you are further along the trail than I am. Knowing this does make me feel I have been somewhat spared in terms of pain but I now face the realization of 'how long will my happy existence rein'.

I don't know what on earth I am doing differently than you all to keep my Ulcerative Colitis at bay but I wish I did so that I could share it with you. No comfort to those of you who have already been through so much I know. I hope you wont read this post and feel resentment, I am aware of how 'lucky' I have been. I find comfort in knowing if my illness worsens I will have the support and understanding of such a great online community.

Those of you who have had/have your big surgerys are incredibly strong, inspirational and amazing. You are a group of people who have learnt how to deal with the worst in life and still you all battle through.

Please know that you are the people I cherish, admire and look up to, you have earnt your place in life and are the kind of people who will change the world for the better. You rock!


  1. Always remember you are part of us - the brave and strong. Those words are for you too. That you as well by sharing your story inspire others. Showing that no matter the severity of your disease - it affects us all the same. It steals from us none-the-less - the details of which are just a matter of how much.

  2. I completely agree with the previous comment. Everyone with IBD "rocks" - regardless of the type and/or severity of IBD you get hit with. The global IBD family (including yourself) are an amazing bunch of people and my Crohnie life is better for knowing them. Very well done with your blog and keep up the good work :-)