28 August 2014

#GetYourBellyOut part 4!

Crikey this blog post is waaaaay overdue! Like months overdue but hey ho what can I say I'm a busy girl :)

When I am not busy blog diggidy blog blogging I find myself interacting with you lovely folk on all different social media platforms which I really enjoy and although I  find hard to keep up with, blogging is where I feel most at home.

The last time I posted about the #GetYourBellyOut campaign I left you with loads of 'coming soon' announcements which I'm sure have all been revealed to you by now...HOWEVER I'm sure there will be even more secrets in the pipeline which I have been sworn to secrecy ...so you shall just have to blinking wait and see mwahahaha.

If you are only now tuning into the GetYourBellyOut campaign which is raising awareness of both Crohn's Disease & Ulcerative Colitis then you may wish to CLICK HERE to get yourselves up to speed on how the campaign began & what we have been up to in the lead up to this here very blog post.

So World IBD Day came...and it went *sad expression* though the awareness efforts of the IBD blogging/vlogging/advocacy community continue all year round. Busy little bees all working super hard to get the message out there that Inflammatory Bowel Disease is something that needs to be discussed.

You all continued sending in your belly photos in your thousands, from France, Norway, Spain, Italy, Germany, The Netherlands, South Africa, Canada, USA, Poland and Norway to name but a few.

We wrote to Queen Elizabeth II to tell her all about the #GetYourBellyOut campaign of course, friends in high places eii!
Okay so Elizabeth was a little confused and left out the Ulcerative Colitis part but we can't blame her she is a very busy woman of course! I have been practicing my best courtesy for when she invites Sahara, Gem, Lorna & I around for high tea (okay so her highness has forgotten to post our invites but I'm sure they are on their way!)

We now have our own merchandise rolling off the production line! It's so incredible to think what a long way we have come since beginning the campaign all the way back in March 2014 *warm glow just thinking about it* We have worked day in day out from 8am -4am through sickness and in little health ha! We have had many highs and one or two lows but knowing that we are able to unite a community in such a big way is so comforting to know. If you have not yet purchased your wristbands then hop on over HERE where you can order yours. To date we have sent out over 1,000 from France to South Africa, Canada to the USA.

To say that the #GetYourBellyOut campaign has been a global success is a wonderful feeling. To know that THIS campaign has been THE breakthrough campaign out of all others done for IBD is a little hard to comprehend. We have seen articles written in Australia, Spain, France, Brazil, Denmark to name only a few blows my mind a little. To think that 4 women with £0 budget have been able to change the world in such a dramatic fashion makes me giggle. In all honesty the magnitude of the campaign I am partly spearheading (along with Sahara, Gem & Lorna of course) is all rather bonkers! When I began blogging some 9 months ago I did so because I wanted change. I wanted people to begin discussing Inflammatory Bowel Disease...now look at me - it feels as if I have the world beneath my feet and the backing of thousands who all strive for the same goal as me. Awareness!
Look, I even featured in my local paper:

Only one of many newspaper articles from across the UK as well as many others on a global scale as mentioned above :)

We created another awareness video, this time featuring what the GetYourBellyOut campaign means to our supporters, for without them our vision would never have taken off. You may view such a video here>

Aside from all of the above we launched a charity calendar which saw 60 entries from across the globe baring their bellies or their bum in the name of IBD awareness. These have been put to the public vote and the 12 who receive the highest number of votes shall feature in the 2015 #GetYourBellyOut calendar! Oh how exciting! I hear you cry.
Needless to say the campaign is going from strength to strength, this of course wouldn't be possible without the incredible support we have had from everyone! The world is our oyster so watch this space as we have no intentions of slowing down!!

Lots planned and in the pipeline but as of yet I am sworn to secrecy so I can not tell you cheeky monkeys!
Did I mention the campaign and our supporters have helped to net over £15,000!! Incredible...I KNOW!!

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