19 April 2014

#GetYourBellyOut progress report!

You may very well have noticed that my poor blog has been abandoned of late :( but I assure you it is all for a good cause!! I have not simply 'given up' on blogging - far from it!! My voice within the Crohn's Disease & Ulcerative Colitis community has been louder than ever. In fact I may just be shouting.

So you have already read up about the #GetYourBellyOut awareness campaign that I have been spearheading along with a few IBD friends these last 3-4 weeks! If you missed it, where the heck have you been?! Not to worry you can catch up on all the latest goings on by CLICKING HERE.

*The spacing for this blog post is all a little whack - I have no idea why its being annoying but there you go*

It's been such a busy month (the good kind of busy) not at all stressful (ok apart from one or two days when I wished I could have work faster and achieve more). It's been rather enjoyable to feel like I have my drive back and am beginning to feel a little bit useful again. I mean being cooped up in the house practically 24 hours a day for weeks at a time thanks to this darn Ulcerative Colitis illness can drive you to stay in your pajamas and feel like you're not making much of a contribution to society. Which sucks! Hence why this awareness campaign has given me a bit of a kick up the butt and re-energized me.

Like I said, its been so super duper busy that I've not been able to update you on the wonderful progress that the campaign is making!! We are STILL going strong and the awareness continues to grow - as does our fundraising total!
The whole #GetYourBellyOut team have been hard at work every single day. Please
 remember we are a small team of bloggers and IBD fighters all of whom get no pay but give their time willingly to support the IBD community. Trust me if I were getting paid to run this campaign, for the 80+ hours a week I have put in I would be rolling in money by now. Again - I'm not getting a dime!! I guess I'm getting paid in happiness and smiles *quick, pass the sick bucket!*

There are quite a few clickable links on this blog post which will take you to all kinds of other pages - don't click them until you have read to the bottom of this post because you might get distracted and forget to return here to see our progress. Please bare with me I'm going to throw quite a bit of information your way :P so..let's get started.

What has happened since I updated you last? Errm let me see if I can remember.

Oh, we now have our LATEST campaign video, one where we squished all of your bellies into - though considering we have had more than 400+ belly photos posted to date it was no easy feat to try and put them all in one video. Therefore if your belly photo escaped the video don't worry we most definitely have clocked it and are really really grateful for every single one of you that joined in!!

It has had 700 views in the last 2 days alone!! Which is AMAZING and shows that the awareness for Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis are slowly filtering through to the outside world!!

The campaign also made it into the latest edition of Companion Magazine for IBD. 
If you fancy reading the article which I know you inquisitive lot would like to, then you can read it by CLICKING HERE (We are on page 16 -17)

Oh, we did a second TWITTER TAKEOVER on the 12th April where we asked people to tweet images that they related to IBD. For example this could have been a photo of your favourite quote or a tattoo you had done in the name of IBD etc. Again it was so so lovely to see everyone joining in as one united community. To know that you are not alone with this HORRID battle of IBD is such a comfort beyond words!!
This was the photo I posted alongside a small snapshot of the other photos which were posted:

We set up a Facebook #GetYourBellyOut support page, where you can post any thoughts, questions or queries you like without feeling embarrassed or judged. We are all facing Crohn's Disease or Ulcerative Colitis in this group so no questions are off limits and chances are someone will have the answer as we have all been though such similar troubles when tackling IBD. So if you fancy joining us all for a chat over on there simply CLICK HERE to be transported to the Facebook support page. You will all totally join us right?? :)

Hmm what else have we been up to?? I believe we have a local newspaper feature in the pipeline.

I will soon be announcing my next big fundraising event to try and boost our #GetYourBellyOut fundraising total :D This one will be a personal challenge this time. Aaarghhh I'm a little nervous but also excited. I know once I announce it to the world that I am then tied into it so.. it's a bit of an anxious time.
TO BE ANNOUNCED **SOON** Aha what am I doing can I back out? haha.
**Update** To see what my solo challenge is CLICK HERE!!!

The whole #GetYourBellyOut team are hard at work planning our next big idea ready for World IBD DAY which is on May 19th. There have been all sorts of ideas all thrown into the mixing pot and hopefully one of these ideas will be a good one. I have no doubt that the whole IBD community will have plenty of fun ideas, activities and events for you all to join in throughout May with the same goal between us all in mind - to raise as much awareness as possible for Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis. Again these will be announced in due course!!
We are attempting to see how many re-tweets our awareness video can get on Twitter before the 19th of May!! So if you are on twitter you can find the whole team by searching #GetYourBellyOut or you can find me on Twitter I'm @colitisandme Sahara - @Sahara88uk Gem - @wales28 and Lorna - @lornamary_1981

Right that's where I will leave things for now as there is lots going on behind the scenes and everyone is super busy!! Keep tuned into the #GetYourBellyOut team for more big announcements COMING SOON!! :D

The madness continues over in #GetYourBellyOut part 4!! Click Here


  1. Karen Doyle Ford27 April 2014 at 13:58

    You have all been and are still all doing a brilliant job :)

    1. Thank you Karen, it's been tough work but the rewards far out-way all of the hours the small team have put in :D Xx