4 March 2014

Would you like an apple my pretty?!

I would like to introduce you to a simple problem which people with Crohn's Disease or Ulcerative Colitis face on a daily basis. Here, I'll point out my latest conundrum for you:
Yes people, it is the humble apple.
What issue could I possibly have with an apple? Maybe it's a red one and I prefer green ones? Nope, keep guessing. Maybe I have false teeth so can't bite into the apple? Nope, wrong again. The more I look at the apple the more complexed I become about the humble apple.

Hopefully by now everyone has read my previous blog post 'We need to talk (click here)' which explains that both Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis are not CAUSED nor CURED by diet. Although diet does play a small role in how horrible we can feel. There is an everyday challenge going on behind closed doors to try and avoid 'trigger foods', these are foods that make our symptoms worse. Therefore we do our best to be on good behaviour and avoid those foods which we know will make us feel bleh in the long run. Even though temptation can be really hard.

So the other day I was pretty hungry so I picked up an apple. I was left in a right pickle as I was confused over whether or not apples are GOOD or BAD for the body. 
I have read that the apple peel is hard to digest so some people avoid eating apples. An apple is a source of fiber which I have previously read is something to avoid if you have IBD. Although from personal experience apples tend to help/stop a dodgy tummy. Then I read that apples are thought to keep IBD at bay. Aside from this the saying is 'an apple a day keeps the doctor away' but dentists say they are bad for the teeth. PUH who knows?!

In the end I stared at the blooming thing for a lengthy ten minutes! It was pretty stupid.
"Eat the apple / don't eat the apple."
"Eat it/ don't eat it - eat it/ don't eat it."

In the end I ate it because by this point I was so flooming hungry that I would have eaten just about anything. Well... maybe not anything! I ate the apple and hurrah for me I did not end up like Snow White slumped over and placed in a glass case.

That is just ONE example of the difficulties we face in trying to figure out what foods will be good and which will be not so good for our body. A handful of you have asked me about which foods to avoid if you have Crohn's Disease or Ulcerative Colitis and it is fair to say that EVERYONE is different. What works for one person may not have the same effects for the next. Please always contact your medial team or dietitian before making drastic changes to your diet.
For more information about IBD and diet see the information listed on the CCFA's website by CLICKING HERE

Apples <-- Do NOT ask for my opinion on apples as I still have no flooming clue!!


  1. dont,t for get nuts and seed tear you up with chrones

  2. gracias y te comento que ami me han prohibido la carne a la barbacoa ademas de algunos de los que mencionas, en cuanto a lqa manzana me cae euper bien por el momento saludos

  3. I eat an apple every day with no problem. Broccoli etc; however... EW!!! More than anything though if I chew thoroughly and eat smaller portions it helps.

  4. I can eat,apples pears and banana but raspberries (my fave fruit), and other berries are a problem unless cooked so I can buy the frozen ones and make a compote which I can stomach :) a big No! to nuts but peanut butter (smooth) is ok, and also every day is different depending on how my Crohn's is acting at the time, I also find that I get less of the runs if I have a fibre rich diet which they say don't eat, but it can sometimes hurt :(

  5. As you say, everyone is different. I find that broccoli is absolutely fine, as is coffee. However, I can't have any brown/grainy bread, white bread makes me bloated but isn't a huuuuge problem if I have it rarely, cereals (apart from rice crispies but I don't actually like them so all are avoided), lettuce is the biggest killer for me - within hours I was in flare, dairy makes me projectile vomit it's that bad, pasta if it's thick like penne, nuts/seeds, sugar and fried foods incl crisps, red meat.. I could go on but it'll probably get boring. I'm living off modulen at the moment which is so hard but at least I don't have to worry about what this or that food is going to do to me. I actually find anything typically classed as 'healthy' or 'nice' is a problem. I eat a lot of fish, chicken and butternut squash. How exciting..!

  6. I'm happy to see you all sharing your advice and different experiences with how you get on with various 'trigger foods' x

  7. I often hear oats are good but personally feel like 'I AM GOING TO DIE!!' If I eat them...

  8. I can tolerate potatoes, rice, crackers (not wheat), chicken, fish, green beans well cooked, and lactose free yogurt. Caffeine seems to b ok but not coffee, sometimes soda, if well I can do eggs and steak. Pastas seem to bloat me and processed foods. Intolerance to sulfates, which are in just about all processed foods. Stay away from GMOs and try to do organic for dirty dozen list

  9. Hiya I'm loving your blog I'm an ulcerative colitis sufferer for 22 years and I am at present in remission have also suffered everything from weight loss sickness nearly died twice my illness has defined me and I have inspired many I can't eat bread some fruit some veg dairy chocolate tomatoes beet root some salad stuff