11 February 2014

Valentines survival guide...

The month of February is upon us which can only mean one thing, an all-mighty onslaught of posts from super eager bloggers about the one and only VALENTINE'S DAY. I have to admit that I am a true romantic at heart and enjoy the idea of Valentine's day. Yes I know, I've heard it many times over 'its just a commercial holiday to make money off people' 'you should show the one you love every day not just Valentines day.' ragh ragh you party poopers! I agree, you shouldn't need to wait for a specific day in the calender year to show you care, though it doesn't hurt to ramp things up a notch to make someone feel extra special.

For the 1, 2, 3 ..... okay so I can't actually remember but for like the millionth year of my existence I shall be SINGLE on Valentine's day. Wahey! Mixed with a little bit of boooo! Haha.

To those of you in 'lurve' make sure you spoil one another. If you are not prepared/ bothered to put the work in and make a bit of an idiot out of yourself then you don't deserve to be in love.

Men (and some women) I sure hope you pull all the stops out and so something unexpected and a little over the top, you're allowed! This is the one day of the year where you can be as over the top as you like without your mates making fun of you. The only mate making fun of you will be the singleton down the pub who tells you he 'is against Valentines day' though if he had a wonderful lady's company he would soon change his tune.

Men my advice to you:

Be prepared: Don't expect to walk into your local supermarket on the actual day and expect to get something nice. Truth is most probably what is left are a bunch of sorry looking flowers and a trampled box of chocolates. Does that shout 'special' to you?? So be prepared, order your flower delivery in advance!

Be sweet: It is far too easy to slip into the generic Valentine's gifts. Don't just go for the bunch of red roses if you know your other half prefers orange shrubs. The whole point is to gift her with something she likes! Maybe choose another colour/ flower with a specific meaning to you. Try choosing something like white roses which mean 'I am worthy of you' or deep burgundy which means 'unconscious beauty' (don't quote me on these). The key is to include a card that explains why you chose that specific colour. It shows you have put time and effort into choosing something unique.

Be romantic: Compose a letter telling your other half how grateful you are and how much you love having them around. It's too ease these days to get swept up in the busy rush of work life so remind your other half what you love most about them. Keep the spark alive!

The key is that women regardless of what they tell you, want to be made to feel special. Taking time, going the extra mile, putting thought into your gift means so much more than the generic teddy bear, box of chocolates and roses.

Dear fellow singletons!

Valentine's day comes around each year and us singletons feel like closing the curtains and hiding under the duvet cover all day! I'm with you on that, there is nothing worse than the people who boast about what wonderful and extravagant gifts they have received. Your showing off, its unneeded and your making others feel bad in the process, so just cut it out!

When the dreaded Valentine's day comes around, I don't sulk as I supposedly should... instead I treat myself!
Happy Valentine's day to me! :D

So what kind of mischiefe can us singletons get up to I hear you ask. Here is my singletons guide for surviving Valentine's day....

Watch your favorite movie: Choose something with a strong leading female role to give yourselves a confidence boost. If you end up putting something sloppy and romantic on you're just going to end up feeling worse and in a pile of tear soaked hankies. So romantic films are banned! Leading lady here we come.

Reward yourself: Go out to the store and buy the biggest deepest most luxurious box of chocolates you can find. Don't worry Valentine's day calories don't exist (well they do but we can complain about that on another day). Reach for that never ending tub of ice-cream! You work hard all year on being 'you' so take a little time off and pig out in-front of the TV.

Splash out: Ladies do you need a new pair of shoes? yes of course you do. Show yourself some love, you deserve them! If there is something special that you love to receive then why not buy yourself a nice little gift of your own. From you - to you!

Throw a singletons party: There is no reason at all to be 'alone' on Valentine's day. Invite/ gather all of your downtrodden single friends and invite them round for a singletons party. No complaining about ex's once the wine has all been drank, only funny and positive stories to be shared. Each write something positive and good about the choice of being single. You should be feeling empowered by the end of the evening. My key tip ... HAVE FUN!

Relax: Valentine's day does not have to be stressful, with you being so wrapped up in misery and sadness. Invite the girls around for a pajama party, laze around painting nails and face-masks galore! Order pizza and a good magazine. Lads, invite your single mates around for a bit of 'Xbox, PlayStation, (other makes available)' games night. Your night does not have to consist of you, the cat and a lone beer can.

Send it: Wanting to send a card but have no Valentine? Send it! Make a friend you care about feel super special and brighten their day by sending an unsuspected Valentine's card. I do this every year, I will choose a dear friend and send them a sweet card. Be sure to write your name in it though as false hope sucks. You don't want to hear your friend talk about their mysterious Valentine knowing full well it was you who sent it. So brighten someones day, you will feel better yourself in doing so.

Candle lit: Ok, so this year your not out for a candle lit dinner. Who cares! Light those candles and place them around your bath (please be careful I don't want to be responsible for any accidents). Push the boat out and invest in scented candles. Enjoy 'mood lighting' just the way you like it. Hot water, bubbles, peace and blooming quite! :D

Tips: Avoid restaurants if possible, chances are they will be squashed full of love soaked couples trying to impress each-other. As a singleton you do not need that under your nose, so my best advice would be to stay away. You are welcome to take your best guy/girl mate out but be prepared to see romance galore!
Last but not least, don't forget the beloved pet! Show your lovable companion that you care by gifting them with a nice treat this Valentine's.

Now that you have all of my tips and tricks go forth my followers! Enjoy your super duper romantic smushy mushy Valentine's day with a smile on your face! To quote lyrics of a song 'what becomes of the broken hearted?' we have fun that's what! We laugh and have a wonderful time! x

Let me know how you survive good ol' Valentines day? Any other tips or tricks you would like to share simply pop them in the comments box.

Will you be my valentine?


  1. It took me so long to connect with someone, far too independent. I finally found love with a childhood friend who looked me up out of the blue. He flew from Germany to see me every weekend until I gave in. That was 5 yes ago, and I finally married him 5 months ago. He really is perfect.
    I hope you find the same, but in the meantime this blog is great. I think you've covered everything anyone, single or loved up, could ever need to know. And there's a smile and a wink in there for all. Love the blogs...keep it up please. X