20 February 2014

Join me for tea...

I would like to welcome you all to join me in my virtual tea party. With having Ulcerative Colitis there is never such a thing as a 'normal' tea party. Of course not, there is always a blooming reason why things never go to plan!

I have come to think of you all (my fellow bloggers) as the guests at my Mad Hatters Tea Party! An extract from 'Alice in wonderland' by Lewis Carroll. The story is of a girl who falls down a rabbit hole into a fantasy world populated by peculiar creatures.
Alice becomes a guest at a 'mad' hatters tea party, hosted by an array of wonderful and weird creatures!

Dear bloggers and readers you're all bonkers, in a good way - so you shall be my guests. :D

I had an absurd idea to try to eliminate both chocolate and tea from my diet, to see if it would improve my Ulcerative Colitis symptoms as I have read caffeine should be avoided. Trust me, if you search the internet enough it will tell you to eliminate most things out of your diet. I am THE BIGGEST choc-a-holic on the planet and I struggle to make it through the day without my beloved cup of tea. Therefor currently I'm trialing a no chocolate and no tea diet. WHAAAAT she's crazy right! - I hear you.

Well... I was HA! The temptation of chocolate was simply too much and I cracked within a day or two of my new 'diet'. Super strong-willed me was beaten by the lure of chocolate. Pah I didn't have high hopes as it was like trying to leave my right leg behind. It was just NOT going to happen.

Which brings me onto the reason for my virtual mad hatters tea party! I hope you're sitting comfortably, with your feet up and your favourite mug of tea.... except mine is now DECAFF! Yeah you heard me - decaffeinated. The thought of getting through life without ever kicking back with my beloved cuppa was never going to happen. So I found myself an alternative. Yaaay go me, super inventive me. As my mother would say "Where there's a will, there's a way". Damn right mother hen! The challenge of finding a cup of tea that doesn't mess with my Ulcerative Colitis is not beyond me. Hope you're enjoying your tea by the way....

To my fellow Crohns Disease and Ulcerative Colitis sufferers, my decaff tea seems to be working for me - if you know what I mean. Wink wink, nudge nudge. It seems to be working.

Waaaaiiittt don't stop reading... I now have a new dilemma in life. Pah what'd ya know.

Let's face it, many people I know don't have their own personal stock of decaff teabags. Therefore I am now going to be able to add the 'strange teabag wielding woman' to my list of unusual quirks PAH. I'm now going to be like "Sure i'll call round for a nice cuppa, you mind if I bring along my own teabags!?"

Where is it going to stop, before you know it I'll be bringing my own sugar, teapot and spoon to twirl it all around, turn around three times on the spot and shouting tally-ho! My friends have up until this point accepted all of my other unusual quirks so what's one more to add to the bag hey?!

Anyhow... Hope you have all enjoyed spending a bit of time at my virtual tea party. Hope it wasn't too MAD for you! Have yourselves a wonderful day :D Cheers!!


  1. haha great blog, I have been drinking decaff tea and coffee for years and can't tell the difference if I go to some-ones house and get a normal cup, I also try and avoid chocolate to no avail, hey we have to have some fun don't we. I am still trying to lose the four plus stone I put on with the steroids I was given when diagnosed two years ago ( I was misdiagnosed with IBS 27 years ago), but, as we are told not to eat this that and the other it is very difficult, so any ideas would be greatly appreciated, meanwhile, the decaf tea tastes good. :)

  2. I can't taste any difference either, there for I shall continue doing so. Thank you for stopping by my blog x