9 January 2014

Blogging space...

This is my blogging space....

Admittedly it is A LOT cleaner than usual. There is usually a lot of odds and ends flying around and a layer of dust but for the benefit of my blog I gave it a quick tidy. I'm a bit of a night owl so stay up rather late blogging, I simply don't understand you early morning people. I have attempted to wake early but you simply get a happier and more respondent 'me' in the evening/night time. I love nothing better than a cup of tea at my side, two sugars please! The cat does her best to keep me company, usually just takes up all of the room on my bed and I blog facing the wall as I am far too easily distracted, if I faced a window I would achieve nothing. 

Now for your participation.... I hope you will all join in.

*Take a snapshot of your blogging space as I would love to see them.*
I mean what else do you have to do apart from the ironing, cleaning, work, revision or picking the kids up from school?
Send them to me on Google+ and I shall add them to the bottom of my post. Please join in or I may end up looking a little silly having no responses HA! Is your blog space cleaner than mine? Are you brave enough to show the world your blogging mess?!
I can't wait to see where you blog from :)

**Photos of your blogging spaces**

Michael sweetly apologised for the 'mess'. A busy guy hard at work I can assure you...
His blog is: HERE

Meanwhile Stephen assures me that his blogging space is "a thing of singular beauty and breathtaking to behold" He is said to blog using a Samsung Chromebook, a mobile wi-fi connection, a Philips digital audio recorder and a HUGE mug of tea, all perched on a laptop tray. You shall have to imagine him until he gets around to posting a photo! *update* The following photo may go some ways as to explaining why Stephen finds it so difficult to keep up to date with the online community. No, your eyes are not deceiving you.
Find him: HERE

Kelsie is another laid back blogger. In her own words..."Enjoying the lazyboy laptop experience"
A great blog: HERE

Here is Vegan Ostomy's blogging space: He says the key for him is "keeping it minimal" and that the laptop is a big step up from what he is used to, after months of using a smartphone or a tablet. Nice to see you going up in the world :)
Find out more: HERE

Catherine has kindly agreed for me to include her blogging space in with my post. Looking very comfortably there Catherine with a cheeky glass on wine!
Her blog is: HERE

Kerry was also cornered by me and asked if she would participate in my 'blogging space' post. Writing a fashion and art blog I shouldn't have been surprised to receive such a beautiful blogging space photo.
So here is where she blogs from and you can find her: HERE

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