29 January 2014

Musical loos...

I've been meaning to 'compose' this post for a while, I've just been rushing around like crazy and not had the free time to write it. At last I am finally writing it wahey! This post is over-due, loooong over due.... like 15 years over-due!! I suffered with this problem as early as secondary school, it wasn't something I spoke about or even really thought about mentioning. If you are a little prudent then I should warn you my post is a little on the sensitive side but something I feel needs talking about.
What is this troublesome bother I am referring to?

When I was younger I hated, HATED using public bathrooms. I was a young child which shouldn't even have troubles at such a young age, but I hated to go when people were around. When I was at school I used to cross my legs until I got home or try and time it so that no one was around. I guess I had 'stage fright' about going at public restrooms, now that I'm older its still kind of awkward knowing people are squatting beside you! In work, is it inappropriate to shout a little 'hiya!'

Now 15 years have past and my troublesome bother has somewhat evolved. Jeez lucky me ey! I now have Ulcerative Colitis and one aspect of this illness means that I need to run back and forth to and from the bathroom a little more than the 'normal kids' do.

Trouble is, those of us who are tackling Crohn's Disease or Ulcerative Colitis are so determined to live a 'normal' existence that staying at home every day for the rest of our lives simply isn't possible/ viable. These strong warriors are out there right now trying to simply get on with their lives. We work, we shop, we socialize. Here is the tricky bit. There are times in life whether you want to or not, if you have one of these conditions your body is kindly going to tell you that you need to go; in public or not.
I'm sure we would all love the luxury to only use our own bathrooms at home. Some just don't have that luxury. Which brings me onto my question....

Why isn't it standard practise to have music in all public loos?! 

It's a simple question right? I don't know why we are in the year 2014 and this is still an issue that has not been tackled. It would save a hell of a lot of trouble/ embarrassment. Firstly to those of us who have Crohn's Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, IBD but secondly to all of those who are just too shy to use public bathrooms. It would just go a small way to making life a little bit easier don't you think?!

Please let me know in the comments if you agree with me. I know of only one well know restaurant in the U.K that attempts (badly) to teach you Italian whilst you pee. Only one. Let me know if this is something you agree with, should we start a pertition to get music playing in all public loos? Is this already something that is standard in your part of the world? Do you have a better suggestion to save our blushes? Let me know, I love hearing off you all! x

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