29 January 2014

From me...to you!

It is about time I said a little 'thank you'.
My beloved new blog is now about 40 days old. I would never have wondered when I started that I would have so much to blog about. I could continue blogging for years to come but it would mean nothing without YOU.

Yes you! My readers. I really appreciate every single one of you taking the time out to read my posts. If you are new and here for the first time then WELCOME. I do hope you will stop by another time.

To those I hold a little more dear to me, my avid followers. Those of you who continue to support me by returning to read post after post. If I have shared anything worth while or a post that has resonated with someone then I have achieved something! Maybe you have learnt something new along the way?

My Google Plus followers count is now 50+ which I am so pleased about! My Bloglovin count is currently at 100+ strong, which I am thrilled about. Still working on my Twitter followers, they seem to be a tough crowd. To each and every single one of you THANK YOU!

The people I adore most are those who comment. Who knew it would be so difficult to get people to jot down what they thought at the end of my posts?! Seems more tricky than I thought. If people didn't leave comments how would I know if what I was blogging about hits a nerve or helps someone. Am I blogging about the right things? Do you have any questions on a topic I have raised?

I would like to give a special thank you to a handful of names that have supported me from the start. Who always +1 my posts, share and most of all COMMENT. I say it every time but your support is so important.
Michael Wyatt, Kelsie Linfoot, Stephen Dempster, Frank Garufi jr, Vegan Ostomy, and Michael Groves.
Sorry if I have left anyone out!

Please continue your support by spreading the word. Follow me yourself, share, comment and tell your friends to give me a cheeky 'follow' too, pretty please!!
Without each and every single one of you my blog means nothing. So THANK YOU!! 


  1. Aw bless :-) x Your blog is awesome and you are doing absolutely great on Google+. Although I am biased towards G+, I do think there is a better sense of community than almost any other social media network :-)

  2. Victoria.. it's been an absolute pleasure getting to know you, reading your blog, and engaging with you on Google+ :) Thank you for being a part of the community and helping to raise awareness for IBD.

  3. I enjoy your blog and am honored for the mention. You bring uniqueness to the table and that's always something to be welcomed.