16 January 2014

Do something a little different...

The RSPB is the U.K's largest nature conservation charity. They do wonderful work trying to protect and preserve our birds and wildlife. Next weekend 25th - 26th January 2014 they are asking for our help...

Will you be taking part in this years 'Big Garden Birdwatch'? For one hour of the day over the next weekend they would like you to count the number of local birds that visit your garden. Then just upload your results to their website. https://www.rspb.org.uk/birdwatch

It really couldn't be any simpler. Get the kids involved by making your own bird feeders. Run out, place some food for the bird, nuts/ seeds and watch them flock.

If you are not in the Uk, I think you should still participate. At this time of year with the bitterly cold weather the bird population needs all the help it can get. Grab a cuppa, sit back and let's compare the array of wildlife that is out there. I am sure the birds local to our gardens here in the UK will be far different to those that visit you bloggers from America, Canada and further afield.

Some of the usual suspects that can be found in my garden are...
Nuthatch, House Sparrow, Blue Tit & a Robin. There are a few more like a Blackbird and Starling that visit but those are pretty much black/dark in colour so I opted to share the more colourful ones with you.

I hope everyone will get involved, it would be wonderful to see the diversity. Who can get the rarest spot I wonder? I have been out to buy all kinds of nuts and seeds in the hope of attracting some new comers. I will of course be watching from the warmth of my upstairs window, with binoculars in hand as some of these birds can be tiny. One blink and you have missed them.

So get yourselves ready, put the date in your diary and enjoy an hour of bird watching.

-- Spend one hour of your choice counting.
-- Record the highest number of species you see at the same time, to avoid counting the same bird twice. (4 Robins at the food, so 4 is the number you record. Not 4 Robins now, 2 more ten minutes later = 6)
-- Don't forget to submit your results at https://www.rspb.org.uk/birdwatch
-- Have fun!

Not to fret, my best mate Fergie will be tucked up indoors...probably sleeping like usual so that no birds end up becoming lunch!!

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