26 January 2014

Big Garden Bird Watch!

All I've been talking about for the past week has been the RSPB's Big Garden Bird Watch! I have tried valiantly to get everyone to take part. I hope some of you did, I've had a great time!!Right then, I had best
tell you how I got on...

Attempt one was Saturday 25th January. As usual the Welsh weather didn't let us down. It was rainy and for those of you who aren't familiar with Wales .... IT ALWAYS RAINS!!! Like always. There is no getting away from the damp soggy weather here in sunny Wales. So unless the birds/ wildlife had a good pair of wellingtons and a coat, they were staying tucked up nice and warm. Not only was it torrential rain but it was also super duper windy!

Result - total disaster!

Onto attempt two.
The weather today Sunday 26th January was looking a little off. I woke to hear the rain on the window so decided to have a sneaky lay-in until it started to brighten up a little later on. I snuggled in the warm with my trusted side-kik (Fergie) watching from a safe distance. It was a slow start but eventually the birds started arriving! I was pleased to see the usual folk showed up so that I at least had something to count. By the end of my hour of bird watching I had a decent number to write down.

The usual suspects : Robin - 2, Great tit - 1, Blue tit -3, Magpie - 6, Starling - 1, Collard Dove - 2, Wood Pigeon - 1, Nuthatch - 2, Jackdaw - 15, Black bird - 4, + 1 greedy Squirrel.

Star attractions : For only the third time (this week only) I saw a Jay and for the first time ever a Song Thrush!

There were one or two others but I am still trawling through a couple of bird books to try and name the little buggers! The small birds move at super sonic speed that it is almost impossible to keep up.
Once I can name all of my visitors I shall be jotting them down on the form provided by the RSBP (or you can input the results online but I think it is a little slow due to everyone trying to visit) and then I shall be posting it back. By the sound of those talking on Twitter it seems most people have had a wash out but I'm sure everyone who took part has had a ball! I know I have. :D

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  1. Hey lovely thank you for the comment on my blog I really appreciate it! :)

    Awesome post, there is so much wildlife action at this time of year, always a sign spring is near!